Repair, Rewear, Reuse

Keep clothes out of landfills

We care a lot about our environment – after all, it’s the place we love to play most. A part of that is ensuring that there are alternatives to buying a new pair of boardshorts when the old ones are showing some wear and tear. That’s why we offer free in-house repairs on all of our boardshorts, so you can keep what suits you. Here’s how it’s done.

Contact Us

Email us or call with info on the pair of boardshorts you’re looking to repair and we can facilitate from there.

Send for Inspection

Send your boardshorts in, free of charge, with a prepaid shipping label.

Repair or Replace

Our team will begin to assess what is needed in terms of repairing and replacing. After the repair, we’ll send the boardshorts back to you free of charge.

Our hearts always point toward our oceans – it’s where we play, it’s where we put our passion, and it’s where our best memories are. So caring about our earth, our water, and our greenspace is past the point of being cool – it’s absolutely essential. That’s why we’re here.

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