What makes a perfect pair of board shorts? Thoughtful design, materials that don’t hurt the earth, and a silhouette that never goes out of style. So in 2008, after another yearly search to find the perfect pair of boardshorts came up empty – we decided we’d have to make the perfect pair ourselves.

From the idea’s inception, these shorts had to do a lot. They needed to be classic, durable, eco-friendly, and able to take you from the surf to the shore to dinner without the shorts wearing you.

Though our dilemma was the root of why Greenlines was founded – we found that others in our community felt the exact same. They were all looking for a classic boardshort that stood the test of time, and wasn’t harmful to the environment – our playground. We started to make moves that became a movement – for the good of our earth and the good of our people. Now we’re here. Our materials are still meticulously eco-friendly, and our designs deliberately classic – because gear should highlight the wearer, not define it. We make our clothes for everyone, and design them to suit any kind of activity – whether you’re in the surf seven days a week, or just looking to enjoy the outdoors as a weekend warrior.

This is our shared wave – our community of people who love the environment and everything it gives us. You can find us in our shops, in our studio, and here as we continue to innovate on what the future of eco-friendly clothing can look and feel like. We all have a responsibility to protect our environment for ourselves and future generations – if we can make that a little easier and cooler while we do it, that’s what we’re here for.

It’s not enough to give back to our shared oceans through eco-friendly practices. We have to spread the wealth to the people and organizations that are also fighting the good fight – to keep our spaces of play safe.

Surfrider Foundation

Clean Ocean Action

Our hearts always point toward our oceans – it’s where we play, it’s where we put our passion, and it’s where our best memories are. So caring about our earth, our water, and our greenspace is past the point of being cool – it’s absolutely essential. That’s why we’re here.

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