About Us


Greenlines has been a family run business since 2008.  Greenlines was founded on making the highest quality boardshorts while making the least possible impact on the environment!  Made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled fabric, there is 84% less energy consumed and 77% less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere in production than original polyester.  

Surfers turned activist, co-founders, Jerry and Sam Delaney have spent their lives by the sea. Today active travelers always in search of surf, they use their love of the ocean as inspiration for greenlines classic boardshorts.  The family's passion for the environment impacts greenlines design using recycled and organic fabrics, as well as give back to organizations to preserve our loved beaches and waterways.  Pledging to donate a portion of profits to non-profit organization like Surfrider Foundation, Clean Ocean Actions, and Ocean Plastic Challenge.  

We have to protect our environment, wildlife, and resources for our future generations. Greenlines has created a family friendly and eco-friendly line of beach style, while ensuring a better tomorrow for our loved beaches!